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What is Nutritional Alchemy? 


Health challenges are becoming more complex, and many individuals have become dis-enchanted with the western health care system to effectively address their health issue.  People are becoming more in tune with and taking a more active role in their own health and want practitioners who will partner with them to address their health. They are also becoming more aware of the connection between their health and their emotions, food choices, career, environment, relationships, and lifestyle. People are seeing better results by pairing western medicine with alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, and energy work.  There is a shift in the awareness of the need to support their emotional and spiritual energy by understanding how these all work together.

Nutritional Alchemy is a phrase that refers to the transformation that occurs on the physical and energetic levels of our individual bodies. This technique brings together the healing modalities of holistic Nutrition and Energy Medicine to heal the  body, mind, and soul.  I use it successfully with my clients. Nutritional Alchemy addresses physical symptoms and root causes without ignoring the relationship with the emotional and spiritual expressions within the energy field. This technique combines a nutritional approach to address underlying root causes of disease and support absorption of nutrients by the body and also involves balancing of the energy system and clearing of energy blockages to promote healing in the body.   

What is involved in a Session?


Holistic Nutrition


Nutrition is the foundation, it impacts our body, mind, and energy. Everyone is different, what feeds and nourishes one person may have a negative impact on another person, this is called bio-individuality. We will work together to do a thorough nutrition assessment to better understand how your diet, eating patterns, emotions, and health challenges affect your well-being. 

Chakra System


Energy is expressed through the Chakras, which are energy centers on a spiritual level that can manifest on an emotional and physical level. I will assess the condition of the energetic body as well as the flow of energy through the chakras to detect energy blockages that could be contributing to your ability to heal. The chakras provide indications that makes connections between physical symptoms you are experiencing and what is likely causing them in your energy system.


Energy Medicine


I use a variety of energy medicine techniques to clear any blockages and balance the energy field and chakra system while you relax on a massage table. This work can be done with hands on or off of the body. Energy healing work acts to engage the sympathetic nervous system and activate the body's innate healing system. 

Homework for Healing


It is important for clients to address any emotional issues we identify in our session through self-care activities between our sessions. There are many ways to do this. Meditation, journaling, talk therapy, self care, etc are all ways to help you address the emotions that may be causing blockages in your energy. Recommendations for these activities are individualized for your needs and agreed upon. This is an important tool in helping you maintain a strong energy field and keep your system in balance to promote healing. 




My role as your coach is to support you along your journey.  You may encounter some challenges along the way. I provide guidance in managing these challenges or frustrations you are experiencing and empowers you to shift the current paradigm to create space for what is desired. It is common to have some difficulty sticking to a diet or working through some emotions during the healing process. As we work together, we will create a safe and trusting environment to achieve your health goals.  This is accomplished through a series of interactions that reframe thoughts and create meaningful actions.

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