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"Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being, and it is your body's natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine. This medicine, this energy medicine, feeds body and soul, and attending to it restores your natural vitality. Energy medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at its best."

--Donna Eden with David Feinstein

What is Healing Touch?


Healing Touch uses the gift of touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.  Healing Touch helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted due to  illness, injury, grief, mental and physical health conditions, or simply the stress of day to day living. When your energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through and around your body becomes congested which often becomes pain or discomfort. Muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders, inability to sleep well, increased anxiety, and headaches are just some of the symptoms that can be attributed to energy congestion.



According to the law of physics, everything that moves creates a vibration.  Whether or not we hear it, everything moving has a sound, created from a vibration all its own.  In our daily lives, we are bombarded with vibrations. In our own bodies, we feel vibration from our skin, tissue, muscle, and bone.  We feel vibration from the interactions we have with other humans, from the unnoticed passer-by to our intimate friends and family. These vibrations can be experienced as sound and color.


 When we are in a state of health, we are like a well-harmonized orchestra of vibration.  But what happens if just one of those instruments in our orchestra goes out of tune?  It is not long before the entire orchestra is out of balance. Vibrational healing is designed to provide the correct resonant frequency to that part of a person that is vibrating out of harmony, causing that part to make a correction and restore it’s harmonic vibration.  In this metaphor for human health, sound and color can assist the body to align its vibration to a healthy rhythm for healing and restoration of wellness and health.

Healing Touch also promotes deep relaxation.  In this deep state, muscles relax and circulation is improved.  With improved blood flow to the body's major organs, oxygen levels throughout the body are elevated.  This in turn allows for better absorption of nutrients, increased ability to digest, better regulation of hormones, and the release of toxins. This healthier state allows cells to regenerate and promotes a sense of well-being that supports healing and regulates the immune system.  


As well as being beneficial for physical healing, Healing Touch can facilitate emotional and mental healing. Most people report feeling much lighter and at peace following a treatment.  This is because they are! Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, and grief are often released.  The space they once occupied now has room for light, truth, love, forgiveness, and joy.


Each part of our bodies has its own natural vibration, and disease can be a result of those natural vibrations getting out of tune – whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors.  Current research suggests that healthy vibrations can lower heart-rate variability, relax brain-wave patterns, reduce respiratory rates and decrease stress hormones.  


Energy medicine is increasingly partnering with allopathic medicine, addressing the whole person while western medicine addresses the sick person.  This partnership facilitates major advancements in the humanization of medicine.  Increasingly, there is a growing partnership between the western philosophy and energy medicine's philosophy for healing. The Healing Touch program is endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). Countless scientific studies on the positive effects of energy healing have been performed.

Healing Touch for Animals

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) is a holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy and intention. HTA techniques restore harmony and balance to the animals energy system while providing physical, emotional, mental and instinctual stability.  Stabilizing the energy system allows the natural succession of the immune system, which encourages the healing process and promotes well-being.


  • Helps animals understand appropriate behavior

  • Builds the animal-human bond

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Support animals through injuries, illnesses, physical, and emotional trauma and abuse

  • Build a solid support system for cancer patients

  • Develop confidence for training and competition

  • Support animals during the end of life transition


Healing Touch for Animals is done in the comfort of the animal's home and environment. Pricing is for HTA is the same as Healing Touch for People plus travel fee.

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